Service + Business = Impact

Service + Business = Impact

Philip Call
2016 BA in Organizational Leadership
State Farm Insurance Agent

Whether in his career or his free time, Philip Call has always found opportunities to make an impact.

Philip has put in countless hours of community service over the years, working with organizations such as Leadership Fresno, Junior Achievement and Poverello House to meet the needs of youth and those with hunger/housing crises. His career as a State Farm insurance agent gives him opportunities to help people during times of loss, enabling him to impact lives even at work.

“When someone has a loss in their life…that’s really when you’re at some of the most desperate moments. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to come in and help someone during life’s most frustrating, most vulnerable moments,” he said.   

Growing up, Philip always knew he wanted to make an impact, but he wasn’t sure how. Starting a family young, he had to work full time while taking classes at various colleges. A degree always seemed out of reach, and he grew frustrated that he didn’t have a clear vision. After arriving at FPU, however, that frustration was relieved. Philip was able to earn a B.A. in Organizational Leadership through the degree completion program.

“A lot of the things I learned through FPU, I was already experiencing in the business environment. And so, I was able to apply things immediately and really grow a lot faster,” he reflected.

The university was pivotal in refining Philip’s goals by giving him new skills and insights. First and foremost was the ability to be an effective servant-leader whose actions model the way for those under him. Another was changing the way he viewed conflict.

“Our differences can enrich one another. FPU has taught me to look at conflict more as an opportunity to understand others’ perspectives and points of view,” he explained.

After graduation, Philip put these skills into action when he started his insurance business, partnering with several volunteer organizations. Service is so integral to what he does that he even emphasizes it in his employee handbook, offering four hours of paid volunteer service each month. Employees are encouraged to serve in areas they’re truly passionate about, and he feels his team has benefited from this as much as the served have. “I feel like I have happier people, and they don’t have to give up their livelihoods [to volunteer],” he said.

Beyond the workplace, Philip’s wife and three children keep him busy. Being a husband and father and seeing his children grow up in the community continues to shape his convictions. “I hope everyone puts the same time and emphasis on making this a place for the next generation—leaving it better than we found it,” he said.

By Francesco Parisi (current student)

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Francesco Parisi