To Coban We Went

To Coban We Went

This past weekend we traveled to Coban, Guatemala. The trip was absolutely perfect, and I loved how we started the weekend off by attending Fundameno Organization (a Mayan Mennonite Organization). It was awesome to see all of the projects that our very own FPU through MCC supports every year though the MCC Sale. Seeing first hand the communities of Alta Verapaz motivates me to become involved in such a great projects that aids in literacy, development, skill/vocational classes, and Bible education. My favorite part of the weekend was attending Bezaleel and high school for Queche-Mayan youth and playing a soccer game with the boy students. They spoke Queche and Spanish, but primerly their native tongue to communicate. We may not have spoken the same langugage but both shared the love for soccer and competition. Our group is very different from the boys we were played with, but we chose to not focus on these and instead focused on the things we had in common, soccer. It was an amazing experience with those boys, and even though they beat us, we made memories and shared laughter with them.

Brianna Reyes, Biology Major @FPU


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