By Reilly Reis

Today was our last day in Galilee. We started our day off with an approximately 2 hour hike up the cliffs of Mount Arbel. During parts of the bike cables and handles were necessary! It was a fairly intense hike. There were some pretty neat remains of. Castle built into the sides of the cliff that we were able to explore and visit. At the top we took a group picture, which I will be sure do cherish for many years do come. From our bike we traveled to Tel Jezreel where we could see Mount Moreh, En-dor, the Harod Valley, the Nazareth Ridge, and mount Gilboa, all of which we have learned about in our lectures. We then drive to the base of Mount Gilboa, which is thought to be where Gideon chose his 300 soldiers based on whether they lapped up water like dogs or not. We continued on and drove to Beth-Shan, which is said to be the most preserved Roman/Hellenistic cities in Israel. At the site there were massive structures held up by beautifully decorated columns. During our time there we were able to see a theatre, a bath house, restrooms (toilets), and colonnaded streets. Jokingly our group members sat down and took plenty of pictures on the Hellenistic-styled toilets! The toilets were placed right next to each other, talk about have zero privacy right?! While we were at the site I began to think about what modern architectural structures of what everyday objects will future generations characterize our generations by. Ad have made great mathematical, medical, scientific, architectural, sociological, and environmental strides, but when it comes down to it what will our generation’s legacy be? Personally, I hope that our “modern” generation will be known did more than our material advances and that we can be a bright, determined, and caring generation. I aspire to be part of a generation of great minds and soft hearts. Our last site of the day was at the western side of the Jordan River. This is said to be one of ghetto more popular baptismal sofas on the West side of the Jordan. As we drove back go to the Jerusalem University campus I was just overwhelmed by how blessed I am to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity of going on this trip! The sites, the information, and the company has been truly phenomenal! The group, along with the culture of this remarkable land, has made these past three weeks an unforgettable experience. I have grown as a student and a follower of Christ as a result of this trip! I could not have picked a better group, leader, or nation to experience and interact with! Being around these Biblical and historical sites with an extremely knowledgable professor and eager to learn peers has been almost indescribable. Our group’s diverse ages, hometowns, and personalities has created an atmosphere unlike any other! God is good!

Study Abroad

Ken Friesen

Israel 2016