Walking Where Jesus Walked

Walking Where Jesus Walked

May 20, 2016

Today we were able to see the remains of the wall of Jerusalem during the First Temple period which is most likely around 586-1000 B.C.


On the streets of Jerusalem, one is also able to see where the wall used to be by looking at the road on the ground, which is highlighted by a light red. We were then able to see the Southern Wall, in Temple Mount. There we were able to see King Herod’s signature architecture, which after seeing various Herodion sites, it was evident he had a style of design.

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We were also able to see in display the destruction that the Roman soldiers did when they destroyed part of the Temple Mount. It was as if they were playing a massive game of bowling, but instead of the bowling platform being flat, it was a hill. We then went to the southern side of the Temple and walked on the steps where Jesus Christ walked! I still could not believe it, mainly because it has still taken some time for it to settle in that I am actually here. Anyway, here we were able to read scripture, specifically in Acts 2, where it talks about  the day of Pentecost, and where 3,000 people became baptized. Thus, surrounded by ritual baths that are close to the temple, it is most likely evident that they all got baptized outside of the Temple Mount rather than the “upper room.”


While we were still there, there was another group there that was singing hymns, and I just thought it was highly encouraging! After this, we then saw remnants of homes of what is believed to be of rich Jews. We were then able to see the fine pottery that they had as well. Also, we were able to see a small diagram of what it would have looked like back then as well.

-Jessica Cruz

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