Nick Swan

Wow things are going by so quickly. Early this morning we had to say good bye to Ken Friesen as he is starting his journey back to Fresno today. These last couple of days have definitely been a milestone in the trip for the team with the transition from Ken’s class and starting a new class. We’re all also moving past the worst parts of culture shock and we’re all pretty well adjusted to living here at the Bible college. We’ve even managed to find peanut butter and nutella so we’re pretty much set! Along with this, we’re also starting to work with different ministry projects in and around the area we are living in. Sam is working to start a sports ministry at local schools here in the Hyderabad area so some of us are going to be working with him on that. Just down the street from us an older Indian couple has started a sort of orphanage and so a few people will also be working with them before we leave Hyderabad. Finally, we’re also starting to work with a few students here at the Bible college to start English conversations to help them practice their English as part of their classes.

We’re all really enjoying getting to know the students here on the campus and it’s been a lot of fun spending time with them during tea time or after their classes. We’ve all been invited to their rooms in the dorms for food or chai multiple times over the last three weeks and I know I’ve tried to keep up with the invites but I can only drink so much chai before I burst! Everywhere we go the hospitality has been fantastic and a very interesting experience overall. We’re all excited for the remaining four weeks that we have here in Shamshabad and the Bible college, but with how quickly these last three weeks have gone by, I’m sure we’ll all blink and we’ll be leaving for Goa. Thank you all for your prayers and support!



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