Thursday, September 11

Thursday, September 11

-Elizabeth Flores

My summer (don’t worry I won’t talk about it long) was mostly uneventful (that’s it, that’s all I had to say about my summer) and since this semester began our days have been full. We have had our down time (thank you, Jesus), which has been much appreciated. For instance, today was quite relaxed. We had breakfast in the morning, headed over to the morning worship service (only 30 minutes long, yay), had Ken’s class (in the spiffy new Peace and Conflict Conference room), and ate lunch (I think it was a late lunch, as in later than 12:00pm, but I am not sure as I am trying to not pay much attention to time, here). After lunch we were able to do homework, take a nap, check facebook, do nothing at all, whatever. Then around 4:30 a group of us left for the tailor’s home to give her some items that needed tailoring and to check out her fabrics. Sarees, sarees, and more sarees! Almost all of us found a saree we loved (it took me a while but once I was holding my saree, I loved it). After spending, maybe three hours there we went back to the school and ate a late dinner.

The best part of today was not the downtime though, but rather the time we spent at the tailor’s (unfortunately I cannot remember her name). She is a wonderful woman, who I am glad we met and were able to appreciate with our business and with our excitement for her work (I really hope she got just how happy and thankful we were to be there). She even made us chai before we left!

So that’s it, that was today, nice and compact with a lot missing (thank goodness or else this would take entirely too long to write).

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