Masada the Dead Sean, En Gedi and Quram

Masada the Dead Sean, En Gedi and Quram

My morning starts out amazing, I journal through 2 Timothy 1:6-7, therefore, I remind you to keep ablaze the gift of God that is in you to the laying on of my hands for God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness (timidity) but one of power, love and sound judgment.

What an amazing verse to journal as we prepare to go to the fortress Masada and climb the Roman siege ramp into the fortress. For ourselves, the climb to the top can be seen as a pilgrimage, our victory as we make the hike to the high places of Masada. Once there, you share the stark reality of what took place on that fateful day when the Romans finally made entry via the top of the siege ramp do the case mate walls. To see the bodies of the rebel Jews all about in a mass murder suicide must been breathtaking, and not in a positive way.

To then change gears and to go back in time to the time of King Herod and to see the ability he had to lead and empower others to do their jobs is amazing. You could say the modern day equivalent to Herod would be Donald Trump, a man that has all the resources he needs but let’s just say his past is not the best. The way Masada was dressed in fine linen (architecture) and pomp allows us to see how Herod thought and lived. Whether he knew Jesus or knew of Jesus will be decided at the end of the age. To then proceed to the Dead Sea and to gather the facts of how the lake is receding at an alarming rate is staggering. Dear God we need a miracle of biblical proportion to save this Dead Sea…. Lord hear our prayers.

Off to En Gedi and another pilgrims walk up the canyon as we recount the account of David hiding from King Saul who is trying to kill him. David hides in the En Gedi wilderness and avoids Saul. The day finished off at Quram and if most of the group thinks like me, you are wondering what else lies within the dessert that is yet to be discovered, could I possibly be the one to discovery it?

Life is an adventure and to dream big dreams is what gives us direction. When we fail to dream and set goals, we have no direction and passion, life becomes meaningless with no compass to lead us. Our relationship to Jesus Christ remains that compass that leads us and guides us. Time with God and time alone in places like these, allow us to hear Gods voice in a fresh way and new passion. I end today having heard from God and acknowledged his direction for me. Shalom

Gary L. Mejia

Study Abroad

Brian Schultz

Israel 2014