Gary Mejia Israel 2014

Gary Mejia Israel 2014

So far our time has been amazing. In my personal time with God journal, I have been spending time in areas we have either studied or are seen first hand. To walk through the biblical text and have it come alive is beyond belief. Being a seminary student and use to studying the biblical text, this course and Brian make it come alive and allow us to be a participant in the story. I consider myself very fortunate that have made this trip and now make the most out of it and to engage. Today we walked the old city, of course we know its not the true old city, but it is the modern day old city. We walk areas that support the biblical text and then watch it come alive as we moved into history to visit the pool of shilom and Hezekiah Tunnel. Tomorrow is already beckoning and we will visit the western wall first and then into other sites within the old city boy. Shalom:

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Israel 2014