God is Good…

God is Good…

“If there was an abundance of misery in the world, there was also sufficient joy, yes – as long as one knew where to look for it.”

Rohinton Mistry

We landed in India and drove straight to the school. I wish I could tell you what we saw, but we all slept almost the whole way. We stopped once on the way at a tourist rest stop, and Chelsea got to touch an elephant.

When we got there, we met a faith community that was alive and vibrant. The kids arrived the day after we did. They were shy and quiet, but excited. We had our first day of camp yesterday, and we ended the day with absolute joy and gratitude. We want you to know that we have found beauty here. We don’t know how to describe everything we have seen here, so instead, we will tell you stories, little glimpses of the joy and beauty that we have seen here…

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Darren Duerksen

India 2012

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  1. Great seeing your photos at Taj. Looks like your having a great learning experience. Love the outfits. Someone bring me back a kurta (smile).