Vietnam 2015

In Fall 2015 Ken and Fran Martens Friesen are leading the first FPU Vietnam Cross-Cultural Semester program. 10 adventuresome FPU students are jumping in with both feet, ready to explore and learn about Vietnam’s rich historical, cultural, and religious past, as well its potential future.  We’ll be in Danang for the first five weeks, getting oriented to the culture and learning some basic Vietnamese.  We then travel to southern Vietnam for 10 days to see the rapidly developing city of Ho Chi Minh as well as the Mekong River delta.  That is followed by six weeks in northern Vietnam, based in Hanoi, volunteering at some local NGOs and continuing our dive into Vietnam’s history and culture. We wrap up in Vietnam in mid November and then fly off to Laos, where we spend a week taking a brief look at a very different culture and country.  We finish in Cambodia, exploring both the capital city and Siem Reap, site of the very famous Angkor Wat.   All in all a study semester that will hopefully bring a much greater awareness of God’s world in which we live and a desire and curiosity to see even more of it.