Day 10: Biking the Ancient Xian City Wall

Day 10: Biking the Ancient Xian City Wall

Today was a day full of eating and trying to bike off those calories. We started the day by looking through the streets for breakfast. A small group of us stumbled upon savory dumplings for one yuan each (about fifteen cents)! We then went as a larger group to the Xi’an city walls for a morning bike ride. The walls go around the old city and give a nice view of the surrounding area. It quickly got into the 90s and stayed humid as well, but everyone made the fourteen kilometers. In the afternoon we went to the Xi’an Muslim quarter and got to explore the great mosque. We learned some history about the local Muslim population which is much larger then I realized beforehand. The rest of the Muslim quarter was full of local delicacies like mystery meat on a stick and fried squid. Tiny alleyways revealed more local culture like vendors trying to sell knockoff Michael Kors purses and Gucci shirts. For me the most memorable part of the day was putting my feet in a tank full of fish that nibbled at my feet.

The Old City Wall Around Xian
a “fish massage”
mystery meat on a fish

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