We made it!

We made it!

My Experience in Guatemala City

As a first time traveler and first time to go outside the country, I was nervous and anxious on what to expect on this new journey I was about to take. I also had never been on an airplane before, and just to think about it was terrifying.  Although, the flights were not as bad as I imagined and the group was there to support in any possible way. From my arrival till today, everything has been incredibly great! The people here have been very welcoming and not to mention the food! It is very delicious, it is different to the food back in the U.S. but very good. My host family who I will stay with for the rest of the program here in Guatemala City have been very nice and they treat me as one of the family. I have two siblings; a brother and a sister. They both have taught me many things about the culture here and they spend time with me every day. Traveling to Guatemala has been a great opportunity and so far a great experience.

Estafani (FPU Student)guate

Study Abroad

Ken Friesen

Guatemala 2016