The End is Near! Seoul, Korea

The End is Near! Seoul, Korea

We said goodbye to Vietnam and hopped on a red eye flight for Korea! Our experience in Vietnam was amazing, it was hard to think that visiting Korea would be able to match that. After arriving to Seoul our whole group was tired, we ended up sleeping 2 hours on the benches outside of our boarding gate. As the trip is winding down a lot of us are adjusting to thought of getting back to America, but there is still some excitement left to see a little bit of Korea before going home.

In Seoul we got to tour a couple of places, that’s all we had time for before our flight that evening.

We visited a Buddhist temple…



It was interesting to see the offerings given and hear the chants they were singing. I found  there is something to learn just by observing them.

Next we visited an old palace type of structure that a King used long long ago. The Kings palace resembles that of the Citadel that we saw in Vietnam. IMG_2149IMG_2150IMG_2152


Catching sleep when we can! Traveling can be tough at times, but we all learned to enjoy the adventure!!




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