Transportation into Hue???

Transportation into Hue???

Amanda Alvarez


Once returing from the amazing overnight boat ride on Ha Long Bay, we arrived back to Hanoi for one last quick visit, before we were to board on the mysterious overnight train ride into Hue. Now amongst the group there was this preconcieved idea of how this train was going to look, and for the most part everyone pictured the Hogwarts train from Harry Potter. However, to our surprise no one was accurate. Instead what we got was the most interesting and unforgettable train ride of our lives.

Loading onto the train i remembered thinking to myself, perhaps this is the train that will take us to the real one, but shockingly the reality i imagined was no more than just a fantasy. The hall ways were large enough for just a suitcase and the rooms which blew my mind, were able to fit four people inside on bunks! I wish i took a picture with my phone, but the best way to describe our carts would be to compare it to a shoebox.

Consequently, i am not complaining at all, it was actually a very amazing experience. For instance, we had some “peaceful ” Vietnamese music playing as we relaxed in our cool ventilated compartments, which were just wide enough to were one and half people could stand up at a time. Now unfortunately, i was not gifted with the presence of several “visitors”, but the cart next to mine had some friendly insects that were so large, with their strength they could have carried us all to Hue!

Ok so joke, but overall my experience of Vietnam has truly been remarkable and i am so blessed to have been given the chance to come and see this awesome culture. Truthfully, i never believed it was possible for me to love another country other than America, but over these past few weeks i have grown a strong connection to this beautiful place. I would recommend this trip to everyone, because it has changed my life for the better and i would definitely come back again.


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