A Learning Process

A Learning Process

Ever since being in India, everything has been incredible! India is filled with so much diversity, the people, the villages, the city, the food and the experience itself.  I have learned so much about it’s culture and religion. One thing that really struck  me the most was when the idea of Satsang was introduced to the group.  Satsang is a type of outreach that incorporates Hindu traditions with Christianity. The idea is to introduce the Christian faith into the middle and upper class of Hindus without having the fear to completely losing their culture. In my opinion, I thought the idea of “incorporating” cultural practices to Christianity to help spread the word of Christ was a good thing because it allowed Hindus to relate their culture to the idea of Christ. 

Having the opportunity to experience first hand in a country where it is filled with diversity in every aspect of life is such a beautiful learning process. By far, India has been a great trip and I am hoping that this won’t be the end of it for me.

-Lena Vang

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Darren Duerksen

India 2012