Hosts of Hospitality

Hosts of Hospitality

I was assigned to reflect upon yesterdays experience but my thoughts are still tied to the beautiful bungalow I was wonderfully welcomed into in Deverakhonda. Pastor Isaac and his lovely wife were wonderful hosts for Antonia and me. We were given a very comfortable room and our own bathroom (with a flushable toilet! I know right?!). That night, they gave us beautiful orange flowers and delicious chai. In addition, we had the luxury of having a TV and watched tennis, cricket, and news. It was truly a blessing.

We also had the privilege to see Pastor Isaac’s photo album of his Jerusalem trip and talked about the holy sites and relics. I really loved his laugh. It reminded me of my dad’s, which made me nostalgic. He treated us like his daughter’s and he was like our father. It was very sad to hear that his only daughter had passed away. I hope that our stay was encouraging for him.

That night, he slept on the ground in the living room right outside our bedroom door to keep watch over us and be there if we needed anything. It was really sweet and humble of him. This morning, his wife prepared for us a delicious breakfast of bundi, mosa, boiled egg, sweet bread and fruits! Pastor Isaac even drove out to buy us some bottled water. I was really surprised at how hospitable they were because they were pastors and yet they served us!

We also had the chance to meet one of their two sons and got to know him. It was quite hilarious talking to him because he was doing the Indian nod so fast and simple that it took me awhile to realize that he was nodding, haha! After breakfast, they gave us sweet scented Jasmine flowers for our hair. I was super ecstatic because I definitely love to put flowers in my hair.

Our departing wasn’t desired much because we wanted to stay longer. But we said our goodbyes and kissed our hostess and left that humble and beautiful family. Not only have I received such wonderful hospitality from my hosts’ but also everywhere in India. I had no idea they were so generous and welcoming. They truly have a servitude heart, regardless of their economic circumstances or religion. Hospitality is found everywhere in India. I did not expect such love and respect when I came and was rather left in embarrassment of how undeserving I am to be called hospitable or humble.

I thought my people and I were a good example until I came to India. In all my travels, it is the place where I found genuine humbleness and servitude. Not only has it taught me to be a great host but also a great servant to God. In order to please Him, I must give Him the best that I have because His temple resides in me. Once I have humbled myself and done His work with a genuine heart, He will find my service satisfying and sweet to His presence, just like the Jasmine flowers.

– Coua

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Darren Duerksen

India 2012