Our first two posts will be about the first few people that we met. These are three of the people we see most often because they take care of guests on the campus. These three have touched our hearts over the past few days; they have taken such good care of us, and we have shared many laughs with them.

I honestly have no idea what this man’s job is here, but he told us last year that he gets jobs because he is responsible. He has always been there when we needed something, and I am very grateful for him. Yesterday we were talking and he said to me that the first time he met me, when I came in 2010, he just knew me as one of the foreign guests. “You know,” he said, “because all of you look the same.” (Ha!) Now, however, he knows my name. He showed us his wife yesterday evening. They were married six months ago, and she is stunning. She laughs and smiles, and she is very sweet. One of us didn’t hear him say how long they had been married and asked if they had children. We all laughed and laughed. He said we could pray for them to have children and his wife pretended to punch him. Every time we’ve seen them, we see them laughing together. We all want to have a chance to spend more time with her.

Rachel York

Study Abroad

Darren Duerksen

India 2012