Family By Choice

Family By Choice

Yesterday morning I woke up to the subtle sound of bells. This pleasing sound came from the kitchen where our cook was diligently making our breakfast. The amazing smells fill our rooms as we are greeted with chipati (a delicious flatbread).  Another person who has helped us is our chipati wala (man who brings chipati), he fixes our air conditioners and he is our hero. He is just as much as a servant as our cook. He will fix our air conditioner as often as we ask, and care for all of our other needs. This team comes just to serve visitors. Humility and hospitality is overflowing from them. They have allowed us to fully focus on our task at hand, and not on hunger. After dinner, they patiently wait for us to finish planning before they can clean up. Neither of them knows a lick of English, but their constant laughter caused by our attempts in Hindi provides fun communication. Our entire team is overjoyed at the opportunity to meet and interact with these two individuals. I cannot wait to try and break language barriers with them and fill the room with laughter.

–Gina Hilty


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