Beauty and Travel

Beauty and Travel


San Damiano Cross, Basilica of St. Clare, Assisi

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and philosopher, is amazingly popular these days.  I first heard about his YouTube videos, and then from friends reading his books. One friend recently sent me this link to one of his videos about travel, European art, and beauty. (Jordan Peterson on beauty and travel.) He focuses on what can be found in France and Spain, and is critical abut Canada’s lack of appreciation for beauty. He could easily have said the same about Italy and the US.  He describes great art as a “window into the transcendent.” (I will use that in class.)

He makes a good case about the benefits of travel, and how we feed our souls with beautiful things. That case can be expanded, but I think it is best made through experience. One has to be awakened to certain kinds of beauty, and for that to happen, one must allow it to happen.  We will do some of that in Italy next summer on the FPU Alumni and Friends tour—Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Ostia-Antiqua, and a few other places as well.  We will experience ancient, medieval, renaissance, and modern Italy.  Where else can you find all of that so profusely? The creations above are just one example.

Consider joining us for the tour. (There are discounts available through Oct. 14.) We have kept the cost low, balanced as well as we could free time and group tours (avoiding long waits at popular cites).  See more about the tour on the FPU website or at GoAhead tours.

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