Thanks for the Good News Fresno Bee

Thanks for the Good News Fresno Bee

Time to make amends.

A few months ago I complained in this space about the media and their seeming relish in reporting bad news. Today the Fresno Bee reported good news in our enrollment picture, and how we are helping students find a place to study. You can see the article here. The article was as detailed as the previous ones I complained about from last fall and spring. I guess they were just doing their job. But it’s much more pleasant this time around.

And students are wonderful!  One of our incoming freshman who had signed up for our new four-year graduation guarantee was quoted as saying, “They have committed to me as I have committed to them.” We’ve got to use that again. It says exactly what the guarantee is about no matter whether we consider class availability, teaching, or mentoring.

Education is newsworthy–it drives the economy of the information and knowledge age (two different things–more on that some other time), but more importantly it is a requirement for individual development and maturity, as well as for the health of our community. It opens up insights into what is good, worthy and possible.

An education that builds moral and spiritual topics and values into its core, adds a dimension that makes it rich.  A long time ago I heard a professor explain that at a Christian University students have to work harder–they study and master everything you would at another school, plus the biblical, theological and moral learning of the Christian faith. Then they have to put it all together. That adds richness. It seems to me that the professor got it  just right. (I would think our alumni would verify his assessment about the amount of work.)

Those who cease to learn, cease to grow and develop. Those who commit to learning with depth find the world opening around them, and their communities receive an added benefit. It’s not easy, quick or cheap, but worth the investment, and worth a column or two in the newspaper.

So to the Bee, thank you for the article. I won’t complain again.

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