Pray Together: Guide for Week 7

Pray Together: Guide for Week 7

We invite the FPU community to gather for prayer Monday mornings behind the OSF building at 10am. If you are unable to attend we encourage you to continue in a spirit of prayer with the following guide:

Prayer requests can be submitted to the FPU community here.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

MONDAY (Students): Juniors
● Prayer for peace and rest this week
● Rejuvenation and focus as midterms come up

TUESDAY (Faculty): School of Natural Sciences
● Blessing over faculty members and their families
● Good and meaningful interactions with students this week

WEDNESDAY (Staff): Cafeteria Staff
● Peace and joy for individuals on staff (adult and student workers)
● Prayer of thanks & blessing over them for how they humbly serve our students

THURSDAY (Local Church/Non-profits): Churches in Southeast
Fresno (Zip Code= 93727)
● Prayer for wisdom, strength, and provision in the local church

FRIDAY (Global Issues): Afghan Evacuees & People Unable to Flee
● Peace in the resettlement process for refugees around the world AND
protection and safety for those trapped & living in fear in their own country
(especially women)
● Continued growth of the Church in Afghanistan

College Hour

Student Chaplain Team

Office of Spiritual Formation