“How to College Hour”: A Guide for Fall 2020

“How to College Hour”: A Guide for Fall 2020

Welcome back to another semester at FPU! Here is your official guide to College Hour (and how to get college hour credit) for the Fall ‘20 semester. Please direct all questions to OSFD@fresno.edu.

Monday 10 am – “Pray Together” – LIVE on ZOOM (fresno.zoom.us/my/fpucollegehour)

The FPU community is invited to join a prayer meeting Monday at 10 am for the first 10 weeks of the semester. We will begin with a short, guided prayer, followed by prayers for students, faculty, community partners, church, and global events/issues. You are welcome to remain after this time to continue praying in breakout groups. This is not recorded – attendance will be verified through Zoom.

Chapel – Short pre-recorded messages published Wednesdays at 10 am (fpu.edu/collegehour)

Each week we will publish a short chapel video given by members of the FPU community and local pastors. We will focus on the book of Acts this semester. Videos can be viewed at any time during the week. Students will enter their email address when prompted to do so to verify attendance. All videos will be hosted on the College Hour blog page, but will only be available to receive credit during the week in which they are published.

Chirp – Friday’s at 10 am (fresno.zoom.us/my/fpucollegehour)

Our roundtable discussion about real issues in community. You may receive college hour credit by attending in person or by viewing the recording within one week of it being published at fpu.edu/collegehour. Our schedule for the semester*:

Date Topic
8/28/2020 Ask the President
9/11/2020 “Left, Right and Wrong” w/ John Inazu
9/25/2020 Hispanic Heritage Month
10/9/2020 VOTA – Latinx and Political Engagement
10/23/2020 Smart Phone Film Festival
11/6/2020 Interfaith Dialogue
11/20/2020 Multicultural Thanksgiving
12/4/2020 Art Competition

*topics may change

Small Groups – Various times throughout the week (more information and sign up at: https://forms.gle/2F2qkMAscFiuQ2z56)

Student Chaplains are leading small groups this semester. We wil be offering a number of smaller groups for students to be able to connect with one another for bible study, spiritual formation, accountability and encouragement. We currently have the following groups that will gather:

  • Women’s bible study (focusing on book of Daniel)
  • Spanish Speakers Bible Study
  • “Deeper” – pursuing rest and intimacy with God through meditating on scripture, hearing God’s voice, classic spiritual disciplines, etc.
  • Interfaith Small Group – students from any faith background are welcomed and encouraged to get together to talk about faith
  • Athlete’s Connection
  • Catholic Student Small Group (with St. Paul Newman Center)


Q. What is the College Hour Policy?

Each semester, all full-time, traditional undergraduate students are automatically registered for a half unit of College Hour. Successful completion of the requirements will result in a grade of “CR,” plus ½ unit earned. Failure to complete the requirements will result in a grade of “NC,” with no units earned. No petitions will be accepted regarding College Hour requirements. In order to complete the College Hour requirements, students must use their FPU credentials to access the content via fpu.edu/collegehour or zoom and be present for the entire event. Students who successfully attend college hour at least 14 times before the last day of classes (not the last day of finals) will earn a ½ elective credit.

If you have questions regarding the College Hour policy, you may contact us at OSFD@fresno.edu.

Q. What if I miss a week of chapel or chirp? Can I make up the credit at the end of the semester?

Videos for chapel and chirp must be viewed within a week of their release date in order to receive college hour credit. If you miss a week of chapel or chirp, you will need plan on attending another College Hour event.

Q. Can I log into zoom with my personal email account?

For tracking purposes, students must use their FPU account to receive college hour credit.

Q. How can I check how many College Hours I’ve attended?

Students are responsible for tracking their attendance on Moodle. Following an event, students must log into Moodle and mark the event as complete. All attendance will be verified through the College Hour blog and Zoom.

Q. What if I don’t get credit for a chapel I attended?

All Chapel & Chirp events will be uploaded to the College Hour blog and students will have 1 week to view the event and receive credit. Students are responsible for checking their attendance on Moodle.

If a College Hour event is missing from a student’s report, that student must contact OSFD@fresno.edu within 2 weeks of the missing event that was attended.

For the credit to be applied, an email must include a three-sentence summary describing:

  • The event’s date and time
  • The speaker’s name
  • Summary of the event and the topic that was discussed.

Any missing College Hour events that are not reported within 2 weeks will not receive credit. In that case, the student would need to attend another College Hour event.

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