Is God calling you?

Is God calling you?

John 1:43

43 The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.”


Make no mistake about it the God of Heaven and earth is still calling men and women to follow and obey Him. Jesus in today’s text is summoning Phillip to come and be one of His disciples. This call was a call to come and get to know him. This call was a call that came by invitation only. Jesus was inviting Phillip the sinner, Phillip the seeker, Phillip the lost one to come and to follow Him. This is a picture of the intimacy of God. God is yet calling for mankind to come unto him and to get near him to know him.

  • Today there is call for someone to go deeper with God.
  • Today there is a call for someone to closer to God.
  • Today there is a corporate call to a believer to follow God in complete obedience and follow Him as he Leads guides and directs.

This lesson is to be brewed over and examined in a close manner, for the voice of God is speaking in a supernatural way. There are four aspects to this call:

  • The call to surrender
  • The call to serve
  • The call to study
  • The call to submit

As his Rabbi and teacher Jesus would call him to live in community, and to learn from the Master. These four crucial areas would be extremely important, if Phillip was to be a student who grew to know God more intimately .In order to become the believer that Christ is calling us to be, we too must follow Him and his direction and vision for His believer.

Because he obeyed and submitted to God’s call on his life, he got to know Jesus, he got to interact with the Christ, he got to hear God speak, and he got to dwell with him intimately through relationship. He followed the call and the call led him to live and experience the encounter with God!


  • What about you today?
  • What will this year hold for you?
  • What does God want you to do with him?
  • Can you hear him calling in your disciplines?
  • Can you see him in relationships?

Is he calling for you to serve the poor? As you develop a life of worship… look for the call in the details of life. Look for the signs all around you, join a life group, a local church, bible studies in the nieghborhood, worship communities…. Chances are you are being pursued by the King of Glory, and His call is a serious adventure to journey with Him and get to know him in an intimate way.

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