Missionary Reflections From Spring Break

Missionary Reflections From Spring Break

Ghana report March 5, 2018

Serving @ The Teshe Township 

Day one

We arrive into the city of Accra approximately 9:30 pm on Saturday night. Our host Pastor Paul Appia of the voice of Christ mission …greeted us at the airport and gave us a warm welcome to the work of the ministry.

We arrived only to learn that our luggage got lost in the transition, nevertheless our spirits were good, and our hearts were warmed, and we were excited about beginning the work of the ministry.

We met the rest of the team members and, hospitality committee upon arrival checked into our hotel at the best Western Premier.

The Lord answered our prayers and brought us safely to the country.

On Sunday morning in Accra we came to worship with the Saints of God at the voice of Christ’s Church. It is a congregation of more than 40 locations.

Today we visited two of the campuses and worshipped together with the body of believers. We preached the gospel, encouraged the Saints and saw the vision of what God was doing with this local congregation.

The conference will be held at one of the locations of the voice of Christ campuses.

Day two

Today we woke ready to engage in the work of the kingdom, it’s a warm hot 90° African summer day.

The city is moving, business is prospering, and the work of the kingdom is about to begin.

We got a late start today … it was 12 o’clock by the time the team arrived. We met our host pastor and wife…he is the senior pastor, Mark Appia and the founder of voice of Christ church where there are 40 branches-strong in the country of Ghana …

They have branches in the east, the west and in the south …and we are so grateful today for the privilege to serve with this great man of God and his amazing vision ….the lord was kind to us and helped us to really inaugurate the session …the session was opened by the founders of the GWAN pastors network.(greater works Africa network)

It was a beautiful ceremony where the angelos biblical institute team, and the New Beginnings community missionary Baptist Church were recognized.

Reverend Billings open today’s session with the lecture on biblical stewardship from the old testament book of Haggai …it was a Very powerful lecture, inspiring and challenging for the men and women of God to be good stewards of God’s resources and never forget to take care of God’s house. I followed with a lecture from first Samuel talking about a calling to the ministry with a reflective look on the life of King David and how God selected him as the new king of Israel.

We closed the morning session with reflection and prayer in small groups … the conference was stimulated and challenged to go deeper with God.

Day two Evening session

We arrived on day two for the evening session of revival preaching at the voice of Christ church.

Worship was very inspirational; the praise team was Excited, and the guest soloist led us into the presence of the Lord. with a special selection…What a time in worship we had together.

I preached from second Kings chapter 6 verses one through seven, my title was “the tragedy of losing your cutting edge. “The Lord really moved in the session and the church was encouraged and the word inspired all of us with a challenge, to keep the love of the Lord as a priority of our heart and our lives …

we learned to stay “sharpened vessels ” for the work of the ministry.

Day Three

It was a glorious day today in Accra Ghana. Our second day of the conference, Rev. Billings lectured powerfully from the word of God concerning the biblical definition of stewardship. I lectured on leadership from 1st Samuel chapter 19.

We challenged the conference family to be leaders and good stewards of the ministries that God had given them. Today we instituted small reflection groups, after each session the students were engaged in robust discussion concerning the things of God, it was a very powerful time. I’m grateful that the Lord chose Ghana with the Bible Institute.

Day three evening session

Once again praise and worship was incredible and the praise team set the house in order through a wonderful demonstration of worship unto God!

I preached tonight from 1st Samuel chapter 30 and talked about how to encourage yourself in the Lord. It was a reflection of David’s life and condition of suffering from his enemies. Many souls were encouraged and the numbers in tonight’s session grew exponentially.

Today was Independence Day in Ghana Africa. We learned that she is only 62 years old as a country. The nation was celebrating everywhere that we traveled it was good to see a young nation thriving.

Day four

It’s a glorious day in the kingdom, its day four in Africa and we are a walking and sharing our hearts and minds in the kingdom initiative as we pray today to be focused, fearless and to be faithful to the task of making disciples across international waters.

I’m reminded today that I’m not at home in this world, but I am an ambassador, Of the kingdom of God …we have much to do today and so little time to do it …

There is an urgency in our spirits and in our hearts. We pray today for God to stir up the call to the church for world evangelization and the making of disciples and the saving of souls in Jesus name.

It was a glorious conference today many souls were encouraged, and the word of God was preached. I believe wonderful things are going to happen in the lives of these people.

It was very hot today we were drained physically from the heat and the heaviness of the work, but to God be the glory for the things he has done.

During the conference and reflection times the participants were engaged with deep thoughts concerning what they were being taught.

We saw that the word of God was going forth with great power and simplicity. We head back tonight for the revival service and we are looking to see what the Lord will do for us.

Day five

Grace and joy to you Family, this is day five we are preparing our hearts for the kingdom of God. Today we set out to complete our goal of conference training and Biblical discipleship. We will inaugurate a global ministers network today in session three. Pastors from across the region have asked for the team to lead this initiative and they are willing to connect in fellowship and have a fraternal covenant.

Shout out to FPU…

It’s Saturday morning and is 6am in London Heathrow airport on my way back to the USA.

As I ponder what we have done over these past 10 days my brain is spinning because God has been so good. We have been able to encourage, equip, and exhort the saints for the work of the ministry. We have 63 students to complete the certificate week of leadership and stewardship and Christian ministry, and many others who attended the conference and worship event.

It is the vision of ABI to work with indigenous pastors in countries of the 3 worlds.

To bring to them biblical truth and training that will enable them to help their congregations, is our hearts desire!

We thank God for his faithfulness and willingness to trust men with this great gospel.

Thank you, lord, and thank you too family for sacrificially supporting this ministry.

For Christ And His Kingdom.

Dr. Angulus Wilson, PhD



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