Office of Spiritual formation Cape Town 2017 Team Reflections

Office of Spiritual formation Cape Town 2017 Team Reflections


Jasmine Shedrick, Youth ministry

Hello my name is Jasmine Shedrick. I am a recent graduate at Fresno Pacific University receiving my bachelors degree in Kinesiology. This is my very first missions trip and it has been such a great experience. I have had the opportunity to go out into different townships throughout Cape Town to share the gospel with youth from Kindergarten to High School. I have also had the opportunity of having small groups with young men and young ladies that were around the ages of 13 to 28. Through my experience I have been an encourager to all the the people I have come in contact with but also very informative on what God has for us on earth and what he expects of us while we are here. They have also helped me to realize that even as we struggle, putting God before everything can turn your life around. This is something I knew already but just seeing it in this way has definitely had an impact on me. I value to much on earth when there are so many people who don’t have even close to half of what I have and am blessed with daily. I take life for granted and don’t give God what he deserves, which is my entire life.

Alexandra Green, Youth ministry

Hello my name is Alex Green. When I first found out I’d be coming to Africa for a missions opportunity I didn’t know what to expect or how to feel. I was excited and nervous that I’d be entering another continent. As I came and experienced this amazing country I fell in love. This country is beautiful and I love it. It was a blessing to be able to come and preach the word through ABI to the youth as part of the youth mentoring team. Being able to save someone and give them the word of God is the best gift you could ask for. Loved every bit of this trip and these amazing people. ABI deserves the world for being able to create these opportunities and help spread the gospel.

Sharon Wilson, Women’s ministry director

Cape Town 2017 was an amazing work of God. The team was one in the spirit in servant hood in biblical sound teaching and the unity was powerful. This team was truly a dream team. God answered many of our prayers. The power that he gave us to teach as one unified the team, and helped to encourage the church in Cape Town. All that we were desiring was beyond our dreams and expectations as the men and women of God were discouraged, full of despair, and had almost given up hope. The students came with the power of the gospel reminding them that God has enough power to change Cape Town, their townships and their community. My heart was so heavy when I heard about the total despair many of the pastors and church members felt when they looked at their community playing with violence, murder, alcoholism and drug addiction. According to their leaders they felt powerless even though they have the gospel, they were so beat down and oppressed by the enemy that they had forgotten the power of the gospel is still enough.

We thank God for the vision of Dr. Angulus Wilson to come alongside the church and encourage the men and women of God in desperate times, and the desperate situations that they may be feeling. This year was amazing we know that the work is only beginning. Many requests are coming and many needs are presenting themselves. I believe the gospel is able to fulfill them all, thank you Cape Town team 2017.

Aaron Wilson, Youth ministry

Throughout the Trip God was working on my heart. Months before the trip I saw myself as the Parodical Son. I was deeply struggling with my faith and everything around me. I was in the world trying to see if it was really what I hoped for. Sadly it lead me down a long and sad path. But because God lead me to Africa where I can teach to young kids about how bad the world is, I quickly came back home and grew in my relationship with God. Without this trip, I wouldn’t be growing like I am now with God. This trip was such a blessing.

Esmorelda Hernandez, Youth Ministry

In the states we become so caught with ourselves and the latest models that we lose track of ourselves and put ourselves in what’s called Alienated Labor. The word of God doesn’t just bring hope it empowers the human race to strive for righteousness as we try to live by the word of God. I have had the privilege of witnessing Angelus Bible Institute (ABI) , equip the people of South Africa with The Lords armor. Coming into a third world country I was able to see worship has no price, what I mean by this is that we as individuals all have the ability to worship to the Lord with the Soul. The Holy Spirt is our most valuable possession …yet we take for granted. We as believers of God no matter the religion come into conflict with ourselves when we begin to fall for the temptations of this world. John 2:17 The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.) My eyes became open to worshiping with my soul when visiting the townships in Cape Town, South Africa. The people there lived in harsh conditions, but lived by faith, as they knew that no matter the situation God would never fail (Psalm 73:26; my flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion.)











































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