Learning to Hope in Haiti

Learning to Hope in Haiti

Day One:

We made it safely and on one accord. The trip was very long and the team was exhausted. We spent the first day at the Agape house orphanage with the children of together we can. There were 17 children all excited to see the FPU crew return to Haiti again. Little Dave is a 13 year old kid who loves me, when he saw me he came running with a head full of steam and jumped into my arms and held on for dear life…. It was just like a kid who hasn’t seen their parent in a long time. I was in awe and so moved with emotion, the team and I cried and were seen wiping back the tears… I was reminded when Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven. I was able to also see how important this work is In Haiti. Little Dave wrote me a special card that warmed my heart I hope to share it with you at another setting. Basically he messed me up and I will never be the same…we are actually born on the same day and really do have a connection and bond with each other…My trip was made well by my time at the orphanage. Praise God for the things he has done.

Day Two:

I was tired this morning when we woke up. I didn’t sleep that well the night before either, but once we were up & moving it was all good. Brother William Staley and I went to the minister’s conference and the ladies went to the public schools and ministered to the Haitian kids through a very special “Americanized” vacation bible school presentation..When we returned later that day it was an exciting time of reports and reflections. The Lord had met us on the journey! Souls were saved, encouraged, equipped and evangelized in the name of Jesus! The team was pumped up about what they had seen and heard. They were in awe as they served alongside other Haitian servants in evangelism.I’m so proud to have such an amazing team here with me on this FPU student mission trip. The lord has truly been good. In additional outreach events, we learned that the ladies had 25 in their community bible class today and Brother Staley and I had 25 in our Pastors conference as well. The work is growing and the momentum is too. Praise God for day two.

Day Three:

Incredible day today… The pastor’s conference was on fire … We met in a new venue and the pastors we’re very appreciative. Brother William was moved by the spirit of God in an amazing way, as he spoke with passion, zeal and a love for Gods people. The conference attendees were truly grateful for the word of the lord. The women of the team had an awesome time in community bible study today… They had a large gathering of sisters that came to be encouraged in the ministry. I was present to observe their labor and was so glad for the work of God in their hearts. The daughters of FPU conducted outreach and vacation bible schools for k-12 students… Our students were true servants and truly on mission for God. We saw God in amazing ways today and felt his presence in every step along the way. As we walked through the market place and greeted the Haitians we could see their struggles up close and feel their pain, but in spite of it all they were a proud people. They love each other and take care of each other and have a great respect for Haitian life. I marvel at their culture and their commitment to care for community. They have a strong sense of brotherhood and family that’s second to none. We as Americans could learn a lot from the Haitians. I’m still in awe at the strength of the Haitian sisters. Each day that we are here we see them working in the market place, supporting their children, serving one another and still producing the love and care necessary to keep a country afloat…it was an amazing day!

Day Four:

Team debriefing was rich with interaction tonight. Everyone poured in their thoughts and reflections.  We heard from each team member, deep thoughts, memories and feelings for the lessons life had brought them on this trip. Some students have actually found out what was really important in life and have made plans to change things in their journey once they return to the states.Our Pastor’s conference graduation was a huge success 23 students received spring semester certificates for participation in the seminars on Ministry leadership and evangelism. It was amazing to see and officiate this work of the kingdom. The lord blessed our work this week, and we were able to train FPU students, and collaborate with International ministry leaders for the kingdom of God. Haiti really stretched us this time, we each left a little part of ourselves on that beautiful Island. The saints there were remarkable and the work of the ministry is so very great and the needs even greater. However, we leave knowing that God was glorified by our giving, serving and learning to Hope in Haiti. Thanks be to God for the things He has done.

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