Just Like Judas – Luke 22:1-6

Just Like Judas – Luke 22:1-6

Dr. Angulus Wilson
Dr. Angulus Wilson

One of the most frightening things on this journey is the fact that as a Christian I can sometimes misbehave. (You too) And in these hours of wicked behavior we often times do things, and say things, that hurt other people. I want to suggest to you this morning that when these times come up that they are not always your fault. You have an enemy. An enemy, who is seeking to destroy you, misuse and abuse you.

When I was a young man there was show on television called, the Flip Wilson show. And Flip Wilson had a character on his show called Geraldine. Geraldine was loud, disrespectful, out of control and full of excuses. I will never forget the time she did something evil to another character, her excuse for doing this was “I did it because the Devil made me do it”. All though it was a joke there is a theological truth to her excuse. Whether you know it or not, there is a devil and he does make people misbehave! (Can I get an amen?)

When we read today’s text we see Judas a disciple of Christ doing something that he should have never done. All because he was influenced by the Devil and made to betray Christ.

  1. The truth about this is THAT ALL OF US HAVE AT SOME TIME OR ANOTHER, been just like Judas.
  2. You and I both have betrayed JESUS in some area of our lives. In fact, somebody looking my way this morning, is playing the Judas right now.

Example: Perhaps you have given Christ up for money, fame, relationships, careers, creature comforts, and a host of other temporary thrills. (You are acting Just like Judas) I wrote this to tell us today that before we cut up Judas we better be ready to examine our own hearts, because there is a little Judas in all of us. We may not admit to it publicly, but if the truth police pulled you to the curb today, they could easily arrest you for some act of betrayal against God. The sad thing about this text is Judas was handpicked by the master to be one of his disciples.

  • He had a ministry in the first church; and gave it all up!
  • He was trusted in the leadership, and gave it all up!
  • Judas hung around Jesus, but yet never made him Lord.
  • Judas didn’t want the life that Christ could give, so when he got tired of Jesus he betrayed HIM for Money.

Definition Observation: The word Betrayal according to Webster means to lead astray, to seduce, to deliver to an enemy by treachery or to fail or desert someone in time of need.

  • This is what Judas did; he faked His love for Jesus.
  • He seduced people into believing that he was all in, but was a traitor the whole time
  • He delivered his Jesus over in an act of treachery.
  • When the other disciples needed Him most, he deserted them


How about you today, are you feeling like a Judas? (food for thought huh?) The word to live by today is don’t allow your heart to play the role of Judas…Instead, be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord, for your labor is not in vain. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these other things will be added unto you. Keep pressing on, and dont be like Flip Wilson’s character-Geraldine, and make excuses for bad behavior.

For Christ and His Kingdom


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