How You Can Pray For FPU In The New Year

This Year the University family has embraced 10 strategic priorities that provide a roadmap for facilitating an engaged presence. These markers will be strategic for us as we follow Christ in Kingdom thinking and ministry formation. Help us, as we seek to do HIS will, by praying for these priorities along with us.

  1. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of academic & administrative governance (re-structure).
  2. Develop a Plan for financial stability.
  3. Prayer for the University academic plan.
  4. Strengthen the links between main and satellite campuses (student identity).
  5. Identify cost and plan to address deferred maintenance.
  6. Design and initiate a comprehensive capital campaign.
  7. Strengthen collaborations between the seminary and other academic programs..
  8. Develop a collaborative governance model between faculty and staff.
  9. Giving thanks for the new appointment of our University provost.
  10. Identify funding priorities for 2018-19.