Ministry to the Masses Still Matters in Orlando


Just A few days ago, great evil hit the land, and many people were killed because of the hatred in the heart of one man. The church of Jesus Christ always responds when crisis of this magnitude impacts a community. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was there on the scene to help mourners in this difficult season of life.
” A chaplain prays with someone at a memorial site. Chaplain Kelly Burke said he often shares Psalm 73:26 when talking with people at the memorial sites. “It says my heart and flesh fail, which to me is the reality of life that sometimes life is too much,” Burke said. “It’s too hard to comprehend. The evil’s too wicked, the harm’s too heavy, the hurt is too deep. I realize in myself I can’t fix this. … But the verse goes on to say, ‘But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. That’s what I need, and that’s what I have, and that’s what I hope to share whenever I go on any of these deployments or do any ministry like this.”