Missions Prayer List For Cape Town 2016

Missions Prayer List For Cape Town 2016
Prayers for Missionaries
Use this prayer guide to pray daily for your missionary. Take one point each day for 15 days.

• Please pray for good travel to and from mission locations
• Please pray for good translators to make the message clear
• Please pray for missionaries in the region to be encouraged and equipped for the work of the ministry
• Please pray for finances to come in to complete the needs that are before them
• Please pray for their schedules that they would be rested and prepared to endure them
• Please pray for their housing protection and provisions
• Please pray for team work and unity among all of their team members
• Please pray for God’s divine protection as they enter into spiritual warfare and places where the enemy dwells
• Please pray for the message of the gospel and the power to proclaim it.
• Please pray for all provisions needed to build up the saints in our region.