The Gift of Relationship

When Jesus therefor saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing by he said to his mother, “Woman, behold your son.”
– John 19:26
Now we see on the cross that Jesus observing mom also observes someone else at the cross that day—John, his beloved disciple and the writer of this story. Jesus says to his mother, “Woman, behold your son.” What a powerful ministry, for it in we see the ministry of giving. That’s right; Christ is giving his mom comfort in that John is now going to care for her. Now why is this important? Well, in Jewish history, if the eldest son was left in charge of the family after the death of the dad, it was his responsibility to care for the mom. In this case, Mary’s husband Joseph is gone, Jesus is now giving up his life and Jesus has the responsibility to make provision and care for his mom. So he turns to his disciple and he gives his disciple an assignment—he is now to care for his mom. What a powerful statement about ministry. What a powerful gift that he would give a grieving mom in the time of need. And I just believe that Jesus is calling you and I to think like this on earth when it comes to our own family and our own communities. Are we giving in their time of need? Are we meeting their darkest need? Are we ministering to them and are we available to care for them? John now would have to take Mary into his home to care for her and Mary would have to be willing to allow John to minister to her. This is a ministry of friendship, of divine friendship. So, as we ponder on these thoughts, how does this apply to your life? In what ways can you see yourself giving so that somebody else may benefit from your love and your grace?
Let’s pray: Father God, thank you. Thank you for what we’re learning in this text and how we’re being challenged and pushed to serve out of our comfort zones to serve others. Help us to have an eye for those in need and an eye for those who are lacking family and support in tough and difficult times. Help us to be your hands and feet and help us, like John, to answer the call. Thank you for our time today, bless every student strengthen them as they continue to grow in your grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.