It is Finished

So when Jesus had received the sour wine he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up the spirit.”
– John 19:30
After giving his ministry assignments to John and his mother Mary, Jesus takes the sour wine that has been offered to him on the cross and says, “it is finished.” It’s a powerful word, and in the Greek it’s called tetelestai. This word was used when artists would complete an amazing piece of work; they would say tetelestai. When a slave would come into his master and report that his duties were done for the day, he would say tetelestai. It’s a word that says it is finished, it is complete and here’s what it meant: it’s finished now, it’s finished tomorrow and it’s finished in the future. Wow.
When Jesus is using these words guess what he’s making reference to? My sins and your sins. When he dies on the cross on this glorious Friday he says it is finished, it is complete. I’m dying for their sins today, tomorrow and forever. Wow. Tetelestai. Guess what family? God loved you that much, he gave you the ministry of friendship to last today, tomorrow and forever. Why? Because he was our friend as well; he loved us, he was our savior, he died on the cross for us and he took our sins of today and tomorrow and cast them into the no longer. I’m glad for that today.
So be encouraged as you press on you give God your very best your all and as you serve one another with a Christ like mentality.