Fellowship as Spiritual formation

Now there stood by the cross of Jesus, his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas and Mary Magdalene.
– John 19:25
When we come to this particular verse, we see the Master hanging on the cross of Calvary and Calvary was a bloody mess. As Jesus was hanging there, dying for your sins and mine, the text reminds us that his mom is present, and his mother’s sister and Mary Magdalene. This is very important for us to take note of because what you see here in this particular writing of John is the ministry of friendship, Mary is not alone. Though her son, the Savior of humanity is dying, present to minister to her is her sister and her girlfriend Mary Magdalene, and together they teach us how to walk with one another in community. They model for us what it looks like to be a friend in a very difficult time. See, only true friends will walk with you in times of calamity. Only true friends will be there for you when your son is dying or when you’re going through a very, very tough time in life. And I’m reminded of a story, my very own story. In 1995 when my brother Gearld was killed it was two of my best friends, Minister Rodney Croom and Minister Michael Green, that came to my aid and ministered to me in my crisis. Today I’m grateful for brothers in the ministry like that. How about you? What kind of friend are you for those in your circle? What kind of friend are you in those of your extended community? Do you love like this? Are you caring for one another like this? This is what we learn in this text today, how to minister to those who are in need.
Let me pray for you now: Father, thank you. Thank you for this new study, help us to grow in your grace and to learn what it means to be a friend in the ministry and serve those who are hurting in a difficult time of life. May we grow from this, may we learn, may we bring you honor, glory and praise. We love you, in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.