Meeting the Mittapab in Vientiane

We had a great time with a group of about a dozen ‘Mittapab’ volunteers – Lao young people committed to peace and conflict resolution in their local communities who get together to learn and train every month. It is one program that MCC Laos supports. We were honored to be part of their Friday and […]

Wat Xieng Thong… Buddhist temple

        Written by Sara Phillips   Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Phrabang, Laos.  Today we visited this beautiful Buddhist temple that is also known as the Temple of the Golden City.  It used to be the royal temple of the royal family and Lao kings that were crowned in the was.  Now […]

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Written By Sara Phillips   This is a picture of the front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. On certain days during the week Uncle Ho’s body is brought for the people to come see for a limited number of hours.  I went in the morning and expected to wait in line, but I was […]

A Weekend Spent “At Home”.

    By: Alex Colvard We have been in HaNoi for a few weeks now. Our hotel is situated in location that is great for walking. This weekend we traveled around our home away from home. After our classes on Friday, Ken and Fran took us to the seat of Government in HaNoi, just fifteen […]

Women’s Day in Vietnam

By: Benita Torres A day set aside to show special appreciation for women in Vietnam. This day is celebrated on October 20th as a commemoration of the establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union. This union was created in 1930. They made significant contributions to launch Vietnam into its present state. I was grateful to have […]

Religious Change in Vietnam

On Saturday we took a trip to two most fascinating places of Vietnamese religious identity in northern Vietnam – the Catholic cathedral in Phat Diem, and the new Buddhist pagoda complex at BaiDinh. The Phat Diem cathedral is an excellent example of what the Vietnamese do best – absorb foreign cultures, whether Chinese or Western, […]

Interning and Learning

Rebekah Young We all started our internships this week, and, on Wednesday, six of us went to an organization in the outskirts of Hanoi called Friendship Village. The Village was founded by an American veteran who had it built with the help of various countries as a symbol of peace. The happy community is a home, […]


Rachel Richards On Saturday, October 10th, we flew from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The flight was short and easy, only about 2 hours long and they even served a meal!  Unfortunately however, the food was not exactly what I would call appetizing. Lunch consisted of a hamburger bun, with […]

South Vietnam

Maria Santana It has been a busy week for all of us and it still continues to be. A lot of readings and papers to get done all while trying to absorb everything around us.  Since Thursday evening we have been traveling on just a back pack with a week full of clothes-it’s not as bad […]