The End is Near! Seoul, Korea

We said goodbye to Vietnam and hopped on a red eye flight for Korea! Our experience in Vietnam was amazing, it was hard to think that visiting Korea would be able to match that. After arriving to Seoul our whole group was tired, we ended up sleeping 2 hours on the benches outside of our boarding […]

Home Again

Kaeli Hanson “They’re ruby slippers, Adrian. Put these on and say ‘there’s no place like home’, ‘there’s no place like home’ and you can be there.” – Adrian Cronauer “Good Morning Vietnam” The short term study abroad trip to Vietnam was an experience of a lifetime, but it is good to finally be home. Vietnam […]

The Vietnamese Market

Axel Atkinson Most places in the United States have a very clean-cut business market. If someone wants to shop they will go to a designated area and make their transaction. Usually there are price tags involved and the whole process is very easy. An American customer can rest assured that they have paid a fair […]

My Lai Massacre

Elizabeth Taylor After our first night in Hoi An, we traveled by bus over three hours to arrive in the small village where the famous “My Lai Massacre” occurred on March 16th, 1968. Nearly 45 years later, the heartache from that day could be felt by all and our deepest sympathy went out to the […]

Transportation into Hue???

Amanda Alvarez   Once returing from the amazing overnight boat ride on Ha Long Bay, we arrived back to Hanoi for one last quick visit, before we were to board on the mysterious overnight train ride into Hue. Now amongst the group there was this preconcieved idea of how this train was going to look, […]


Jorge Cubillos After saying goodbye to Hanoi, we have reached our destination of Hue. This beautiful city is divided down the middle by the Perfume river. It is definitely less crowded than Hanoi and has a very calm atmosphere for being Vietnam’s third largest city. We got off the train and headed settled into our […]

Past Meets Present 45 Years Later

by Tom Schindler When I left Vietnam in July of 1968, I was genuinely interested in what Vietnam would look like after the war.  I always found ‘Nam a beautiful country with a very hospitable people…when they weren’t shooting at me.  Well, this trip has proven to exceed my expectations by a great deal.  The […]

A Day of History

Nick Swan We started off the day by visiting the Vietnamese Temple of Literature. After Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam the temple was built around 1070 to commemorate Confucian teachings. Eventually, the temple would become a place of learning for children of government officials and royalty and the site where tests would be administered […]

Markets, Factories, and Puppets!

Dallas Nord here. Today we spent the day here in Hanoi starting with a very early morning at the market. This particular market featured mostly produce–everything from local fruits, veggies, and fish to imported apples and oranges from the U.S. Following our excursion there, we went to a private battery manufacturing site. After meeting with […]

A weekend with friends

By Leah Graveley This weekend professor Ken Friesen spoke to us by the green fields in the Thai village, reminding us how our relationships with our family, friends, and others are a central part of our lives. We all have interests, experiences, and goals that connect us to different places and people and, in our […]