The Majority and Minority in Vietnam

by Kaylee Merritt

It is so different looking at the majority to the minority. The Minority I feel does not need to make money for a living. They grow their own food and have everything right there. Tourist affects them a lot because not that many would travel that far so when people come, they try to sell. Also, they want higher prices because they do not get many people over there. I noticed a lady making the blankets in the middle of no where. I was wondering how she makes money. Maybe she sells them to the others. In the minority there is a lot more competition so more people are yelling, dropping prices so they can get more people. I think they need to work harder because they need to buy food and work in order to survive. They are two separate things. I personally like the minority better because there is not so much pressure when you try to get something at a lower price. Yea everyone sells the same thing, but you don’t feel as intimidated