The Difficulty of Kingdom Diversity:Have you ever heard of micro aggressions?

The Difficulty of Kingdom Diversity:Have you ever heard of micro aggressions?

Have you ever heard of a micro aggression?  Micro aggression’s are assumptions made with words, displayed with actions that usually intend to offend people by other people who are deliberately miss behaving. Micro aggressions are those incidents and verbal expression’s that say harmful things without thinking about and or being concerned how they hurt individuals on purpose. Such things as racial jokes, or statements for people who hold power over others.

Micro aggression’s are not Kingdom like nor are they from the heart of those who love you and seek the very best for you. They are assumptions being made, statements, questions, or thoughts that come to offend someone seeing you as a lesser status than themselves. Micro aggression’s come from a heart filled with pride and most times of certain biases. The Christian university has no business engaging in micro aggressions of any type toward anyone. When these are found in the University they must be questioned and rebuked. Because people are God’s people regardless of who they look like or what cultural group they belong to and every human being has been created with dignity and divine impartation from God. The Christian university ought to see humanity with these lenses.

We are never to judge or describe people as anything less than God has created them to be. Finally, let me say Micro aggressions portray verbally what is often time discerned in the heart and the mind of the one doing the aggression or saying the offensive statement. Micro aggressions are sinful. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We all know that Sin is bound up in the heart of a fool, and when the fool speaks it is usually sinful.

As the University Pastor  and the Chief Diversity Officer, I am called and challenged to be a spiritual leader of the University. It is very difficult, and very challenging, I have to be careful of taking in my mind stereotypes, micro aggressive thoughts, negative images, and secular thinking.  I’ve been called by God to work in diversity, with a diverse population, because of this I must constantly and consistently take my calling serious as a divine work of the Almighty. So I am grateful for the challenge of doing spiritual formation and diversity in the Christian liberal arts university. Help me today by joining the campaign to eliminate “micro aggressions” in the Christian academy!

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