Where Does Revival Start?

Where Does Revival Start?

by Billy Graham
The bickering, prejudices, ill will, envy, jealousy, bitterness and criticism among Christian people today must end before revival can begin. Revival must begin in the hearts of Christians before evangelism can be brought effectively to the world.

When Christ’s disciples settled their differences, gave up their selfishness, confessed their sins and allowed God’s Spirit to fill them, revival came. We must forsake our evil ways. God’s Spirit cannot operate in a climate of dissension and quarrels. We must forsake our pettiness, our peevishness, our littleness and our whims.

The enemy of souls has weakened the effectiveness of the Church because we have majored on controversy and dissension rather than on going forth weeping and bearing precious seed. May God forgive us and help us to forsake our wicked, contemptuous ways.

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