Merry Christmas: All the Praise Belongs to God

Merry Christmas: All the Praise Belongs to God

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  1. Wilfred quickly became a dear friend following my move from Colorado to assume my faculty position in special education at Fresno Pacific College in 1989 and to begin learning the ropes as to how I might navigate my early months and years as the director of the program. Wilfred and I “connected” in ways I didn’t always understand but one for certain way was that we acknowledged together that Christ honored those families and individuals in this life who experience disabilities. I so appreciated stories that Wilfred shared with me and I quickly learned how much he loved and cared for his family.

    Thank you, Wilfred, for sharing your life and your love with all of us and I can only imagine the thousands of students that you have taught and shared with feel the same. Enjoy the light that you are standing in now my friend. I think it has been waiting for you!

    Peter Kopriva
    Early Childhood Development Degree
    School of Education

  2. You always have the right words. Thanks for putting the thoughts some of us have into such eloquent prose.

  3. I tend to not remember specifics about Wilfred, other than his easy, gentle manner. He had a way of allowing a person to feel at ease, because he didn’t seem to have an agenda other than to get to know you and enjoy the moments he spent with you. It was always a pleasure to be in his presence. I suspect that was the characteristic where he looked most like our Savior. Farewell to sweet child of God.