Relationship Emphasis Month!

Relationship Emphasis Month!

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3 responses to “Relationship Emphasis Month!”

  1. I received my doctorate at Marquette University. Other than the crucifix on each classroom wall, you would never guess that it is a Christian University based on university policy.

  2. President Kriegbaum leaves huge shoes behind to be filled, especially as he gently, yet firmly, tells our story and essence as a university under Christ. I am confident that President-elect Jones will follow well in those footsteps of President Kriegbaum, but more importantly, in the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who challenges us one and all to be continually transformed more and more into His image.

  3. Fresno Pacific’s emphasis on faith as an integral part of the education experience results in graduates who see faith and education as fully integrated and complimentary parts of their lives. People of faith have the opportunity to receive an education in an environment where they can truly be authentic to who they are as believers in Christ while showing respect towards those who believe differently. This is in stark contrast to the educational environment at many secular institutions where speaking about one’s faith in the context of the classroom is seen as odd, out of step, hateful, weird, or wrong. Followers of Christ should not be required to hide their light under a bushel in order to receive an education for fear of retribution, mockery, or censoring. Also, no student should feel that their faith in Christ is somehow not compatible with receiving a collegiate education. I am grateful for institutions like Fresno Pacific that create a more inclusive environment for believers and allow for discussions of faith and faith based issues in a respectful, safe environment. Followers of Christ, people of other faiths, and those without a belief system can engage in respectful discussions of faith issues at Fresno Pacific while remaining true to who they are because of the culture that is fostered at the University.