Community Soul Care @ FPU

Community Soul Care @ FPU

Today I discovered a new take on our University Motto…Wisdom, Faithfulness and Service.

A Senior Citizen who regularly attends College Hour here on Main Campus fell into a tremendous problem. She is being evicted from her home, and denied entrance into another, abandoned by her only living relative and in need of care from her community. Guess where she came for help and support? The Office of Spiritual formation at FPU. Sharon is no stranger to TUG students, staff or Faculty. She is a regular at Basket Ball and Volleyball games. She attends recitals, Track meets, Soccer games and a host of mission related activities on campus. She loves this place and this place loves her. She is our neighbor, and she is another face of poverty that lives in a one-block radius of this campus.

When she approached our office for help, we mobilized students who are being trained in pastoral leadership to spring into action. They did not disappoint. They mobilized a moving strategy, prayed and cared for her, loaded up their cars, took her things to storage, began to clean up her house and walked with her through a very lonely a difficult time. Why? Because they provide spirit care for this community. This my friend, is FPU, where we exercise, wisdom, faithfulness and service. Their project and mission with Ms. Sharon is not complete. We are yet working on mediation with an estranged family member, low income housing for her and hoping to provide support and ministry through a continual collaboration with the local church, senior citizen services and a host of others who have rallied to help her through these difficult times.
I was reminded today of why I love this place and just how much it changed my life while I was a student here.
I’m So grateful for soul care that matters, to everybody in this neighborhood.

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