Day Nine – A Refugee Camp

There were no tents, no mess hall, no flag pole – there was nothing “campy” about the Dheisheh refuge camp just south of Bethlehem.  I don’t know if i was expecting any of these typical camp amenities, but I wasn’t prepared for what i did find.  This camp did not have any tents – having moved […]

Day Seven – Interfaith Encounter

Today we met with Dr. Yehuda Stolov, who is the Executive Director of the  Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) and has been active in the interfaith field for over 16 years.  He brings a deep dedication to the fulfillment of the vision established over forty years ago. Here’s his TED talk on the topic. We met with Dr. Stolov in […]

Day Five – A Reason for Being

Today, we visited a Jewish museum and had a session with a Palestinian philosopher – two seemingly different kinds of events with one similar theme:  both provided an insight into reasons why Jewish and Palestinian peoples are committed to their national identities and expression of those identities in their culture and state.  These experiences continue to help […]

Day Four – A Rabbi and a Rebel

Today, we heard two stories, one, a significant individual from Israel’s past, the other a prominent Orthodox Rabbi very much involved in the current spiritual life in Israel. Rabbi Ian Pear Our morning began with a conversation with Rabbi Ian Pear. From his recent book, Accidental Rabbi, Pear is described as a: Rabbi, lawyer, and social activist […]

Pre-trip thoughts

On Tuesday, May 16th, a team of three faculty and several FPU students will travel to Israel/Palestine. This is not a typical “Holy Land Tour,” where the purpose is to visit religious/historical sites. This trip is designed to become better acquainted with individuals and groups involved in the various PEACE MOVEMENTS. I’ll write at the end of each day a reflection of that day’s events