Cultural Barriers by Alexa Fox

Imagine for a second not having a place to call home. For the Jewish community in Israel, the need for a state to call their own has been an on-going struggle for centuries. Jews have been persecuted for centuries and still continue to fight for their rights, even if there is a democratic Jewish state […]

Holy Land Reflections by Daniel Oren

For those readers unfamiliar with the dynamic, self-contained universe that is Old City Jerusalem, allow me to explain a few of its more rewarding opportunities should you come to visit in the future. First, I assume what brings you to such a place is an insatiable curiosity and strong desire to wander. Well, you won’t […]

Arab Hospitality

By Caroline Stevenson There are a vast plethora of subjects I could blog about that I have observed while being in Israel for the past week. In the simplest description, Israel is a land full of diverse cultures, religions, and identities. It is a land that attracts people from all corners of the world to […]