An Adventurous Life of Service

Clement “Bud” Kroeker1953 Pacific Bible InstituteMissionary Clement “Bud” Kroeker’s adventurous missionary life is woven into the history of Africa and Europe. Bud was born to missionaries in the Belgium Congo on December 18, 1934. He describes the first 15 years of his life as “perfect freedom”: “no electricity, no running water, no flushing toilets, no […]

Betwixt and Between

My favorite part of the day is from the first light of dawn until the sun breaks into its fullness. It is God’s daily invitation to join in his redeeming work. It is in this liminal space, “betwixt and between” darkness and light, that hope rises. Every single day. And it is to this hope-filled […]

Music Lessons with a Socially Conscious Beat

A cursory glance at the business section of The New York Times would tell you that our economy is doing quite well, and Americans are enjoying a level of economic prosperity we have not seen in a long time. Yet this economic growth has not benefited everyone. For me, this reality is no more apparent […]

Thriving Without Striving

 “You’re like a knife when you enter the room,” said my acting professor after my first grad school audition. “The way you dress, the way you present your audition material—it’s a perfectly wrapped package. There’s a completeness and slickness to your work that makes you untouchable. Where is the human part of you?” “What’s he […]

Service + Business = Impact

Philip Call2016 BA in Organizational LeadershipState Farm Insurance Agent Whether in his career or his free time, Philip Call has always found opportunities to make an impact. Philip has put in countless hours of community service over the years, working with organizations such as Leadership Fresno, Junior Achievement and Poverello House to meet the needs […]

Florence, Italy!

Where to begin?  There is so much to see, and so much that happened, so many famous and notorious events and people that happened and lived in Florence that we will only see some little parts of it in our three days this June on the FPU Alumni and Friends Tour. So here are some […]

Thinking Historically

The assessment movement in higher education is now more than 25 year’s old.  It has challenged us to think about what we do as professors, and has broken through many (not all, by any means) ideological battles to allow different kinds of institutions to thrive. It has required us to state the “learning outcomes,” what […]

Serving the Central Valley in Bakersfield, Visalia, Merced and Fresno

Engaging the cultures and serving the cities is the very essence of the Fresno Pacific Idea and the purpose of the regional campuses. Let me share how all the regional campuses are accomplishing this goal and preparing our graduates to lead and serve in the church and society. With a combined enrollment of 2,500-plus students […]

Roadmaps or Detours?

The corpus of our hope at Fresno Pacific University is found in the Fresno Pacific Idea, which “reflects the university’s interpretation of what it means to be a community of learners committed to a distinctive vision of Christian higher education.” In several weeks this community will convene conversations concerning the strategic direction of the university […]