The Role of a Business School

I have been asked a few times, “What is the role of a business school at a traditionally liberal arts university?” To those in the School of Business at Fresno Pacific University, the answer is clear, yet consists of several connected parts. In the School of Business, we educate leaders, building on such foundational skills […]

Who Do You Serve?

I am serving Jesus of course, you might answer! But if we are honest with ourselves as we reflect on our lifestyles and choices, we must confess that perhaps we might be serving something or someone other than Jesus. It has been suggested an examination of your calendar (how you spend your time) and your […]

From Fresno Soccer to Hollywood Acting

Gabriel Ramirez2012 BA in Intercultural Studies: Missions/Service This month’s alumni story is taken from Karl Dewazien’s (BA ’78) blog on his website: FUNdamental Soccer. Gabriel was a guest contributor on the blog, and permission from both Karl and Gabriel has been granted. It’s one of the days during the week, right before the lunch hour. […]

Seeking God’s Providence for the Next 75 Years

To know a thing and to understand what that thing needs, it helps to employ all the senses—touch, smell, vision, sound and taste. With Dr. Joe’s encouragement the FPU Board of Trustees has held meetings at our regional campuses in Bakersfield and North Fresno, and the Board Executive Committee has recently held meetings at our […]

On Our Way to Italy–Venice

A procession in St. Mark’s Square, Venice (1496)—more information is provided through the link at the very end of this post. We are headed to Italy this June and July, 16 of us so far—alumni and friends of FPU. (You can find out more about the tour on the FPU Alumni web page.) There are […]

Getting the Word Out About Athletics Service and Success

Sunbird student-athletes continue to bring recognition both in and on the fields, pools and courts, and beyond, engaging the cultures and serving the cities to live out President Jones’ call for Fresno Pacific University—and the word is getting out. Pacific magazine has highlighted the more than 100 alumni we have coaching throughout the Valley (and […]

Preparing for Possibilities

“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.” – George Bernard Shaw Over the next six months, in preparation for our 75th anniversary celebration, we as a community will be identifying our priorities and direction for the next five years. In October 2015 the Board of Trustees approved a University Strategic […]

Connections Beyond the Curriculum

“What kind of books do you like to read?” my graduate thesis mentor, Dr. Berta Gonzalez asked, trying to get to know me better after I mentioned that I loved to read during our first meeting. Of course, I wanted to impress her so I had to bring out the big names, “I like anything […]