Dilbert Explains PhDs

The following little interchange comes from a Dilbert comic that was printed this week. I read it and laughed. Guy with a goatee, “Hi. I’m very smart, but I don’t know how to do anything.” Dilbert, “Where did you get your PH.D?” Goatee, “I didn’t say I have a PH.D.” Dilbert, “You kinda did.” I […]

Here’s my story – you can use it until you have one of your own

I was recently preparing to address a meeting of our School of Education mentors. These mentors play a critical role by helping our initial credential programs to fulfill their mission and vision statement: Teaching is a call to redemptive service. This orientation to the teaching profession lies at the center of both our identity and […]

Rx for the Future of Valley Pharmacy

This article was originally published in Pacific Magazine in May of 2015. Find the rest of the magazine here. California Health Sciences University and Fresno Pacific University are working together to bring the future of pharmacy to the Central Valley. To those who remember, the past is a kindly business owner at the soda fountain as the […]

Spiritual Vitality at FPU

Spiritual vitality in the cocurricular traditional undergraduate program is unique in the totality of all that God is doing in the lives of students at Fresno Pacific University. Our ministry service embraces all cultures, all nations and all peoples as gifts of God to the entire world. Our primary objective is to have the kingdom […]

The Path to Sustainable Financial Health

The university finished last year with an operating surplus of $2.2M due to exceptional enrollment in graduate and degree completion programs, and to the salary and retirement cuts which were still in effect at the close of the fiscal year. Without the cuts the surplus would have been $1.2M. Either way, this is a significant […]


A message of hope

Beth Paz 2005 BA in English: Secondary Teaching Minister, Neighbor, Preacher and Kingdom Builder Beth Paz shared a message of hope with thousands of college students as plenary speaker at Urbana’s December 2018 conference. Urbana is sponsored by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), a parachurch ministry that calls college-age students to whole-life discipleship in Christ. Conferences […]

Good news at Christmas

  We are living in a world where bad news and sadness seems to be prevalent all of the time…. I don’t know about you but I am in love with the good news. I’m also in love with the joy that children bring into our lives. You see I am one of the Grandparents […]

Christmastime “Melody of Messiah”

Recently, while going through some old papers in a desk drawer at home, I came across a poem I had written 30 years ago when I was an administrator at Spring Arbor College in Michigan. At that time, I was asked to bring a brief devotional thought to the faculty-staff family Christmas party on campus. Somehow, I […]