A Safe Place

This week’s Connections is a selection from the new book by Yvette Jones. Be Extraordinary! Devotions for Ordinary People Who Want to Live Extraordinary Lives is “a devotional for those who want more than normal Christianity of following tradition; it is for those who desire to turn up the temperature in their walk with the […]

Day 21: to Vietnam!

by Loren Friesen: “Paul! Paul! Let’s go, we’re gonna be late! Cmon!” Paul checks the clock. “Loren it’s freakin 2 AM.” “Oh..” My middle of the night sleep talking that woke both of us up, fueled by the fear of oversleeping our 5:45 AM departure time from the hotel, didn’t constitute the ideal way to […]

Day 16-17 – Nanjing

By Taylor Benton. During our time in Nanjing, we visited multiple places including the Ming Tombs and the Nanjing Massacre Museum. The Ming Tombs we’re surrounded by a large park filled with trees, semi-cleaner air, and animal statues. These statues served as guards for the first Ming Emperor who was buried there. When we visited […]

Sowing Merced Community Connections via Fresno Pacific University

Having been an active member of the educational community of Merced since 1980, my commitment to serving the people of Merced County by providing access to educational excellence and the Fresno Pacific Idea comes naturally. Since joining FPU as full-time faculty four years ago, my plan for accomplishing such has undergone numerous permutations as a […]

Day 13-14: Xia He

by Paul Siebenaler. Our last day in Tibet was spent outdoors in the grasslands and valleys. We began the day with a morning hike through a valley that overlooked the monastery and the rest of the town. On the way up we were able to see a lot of the animals that the people use […]

Experiencing Rome

We will end the FPU Alumni and Friends tour of Italy, starting in just a couple of weeks in Rome.  What can we say about Rome? It is one of the great cities of the world.  It has been central, influential in Western and world history since ancient times, through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, […]

Day 13: Up to the Mountains in XiaHe

by Lan Friesen: The beating heart of this Tibetan mountain town is Buddhist so, naturally, we started off our first whole day in Xiahe by walking around a large monastery. A monk showed us around and taught us more about Buddhism in Tibet and life in the monastery. It was very humbling to see the […]

Laughing My Way to a Better Me

Early in my professional journey I was told by more than one person it would be advantageous to have a mentor. I remember being told that this mentor should be, “7-10 years older than myself,” somebody who “I admired” and a person that could “relate to my passions.” I still believe this to be sound […]