Divorce without war: collaborative law

Divorce is pretty common these days. Each year half as many people divorce as marry. While that creates a lot of marriages that last, it also means that many fail. Attorneys whose clients are contemplating marriage school them in divorce planning, just as attorneys whose clients are starting a business get assistance with bankruptcy planning […]

Feeling good about celebrating your love

Love is a wonderful thing! Songs fill our ears that celebrate “puppy love,” young love and mature love. Love is celebrated every day. Yet, in our nation, we have set aside a special day for love – Valentine’s Day – when millions of people show their love by giving chocolate, flowers and diamonds. These iconic […]

Homework – stop the insanity!

Thundering footsteps head towards the door. Mom shouts from the kitchen, “Have you finished your homework?” Her words echo off the slammed door. One child has escaped, but thousands more hear: “Not until you have finished your homework.” Groans rise across the Central Valley each evening as the routine begins. Homework has been around as […]

Self-sabotage: why don’t we do what’s good for us?

The experience of shooting ourselves in the foot is so familiar we can readily identify it in ourselves and others. Humorously: Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Seriously: Women who remain in abusive relationships and emasculated men who equate sensitivity with passive submission. We all sometimes do the exact opposite of what would be […]

Repairing the Military Commissions Act

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 bases its process for trying alien unlawful combatants on the better-known process for military courts martial. I have handled hundreds of criminal defense cases in state and federal courts and courts martial. Military courts martial are not the same as civilian criminal courts. Imagine you are shopping and are […]

NCLB – Is it patriotic?

We are a proud nation. We lift up our Constitution and Bill of Rights as models for the rest of the world. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. Equal protection under the law. Due process. These are the principles that other nations should emulate. Freedom and Choice. The original colonies chose to form […]

Professors, publishing and perishing

Teachers in major universities know if they do not publish articles in academic journals, or write books for important publishers, they probably won’t get tenure. This often limits the amount of time that can be devoted to students. Conversely, small liberal arts colleges pride themselves on the personal attention professors give students. These places emphasize […]

Execution ends the chance for redemption Victims cannot heal

The upcoming execution date for Stanley “Tookie” Williams, a founder of the Crips street gang, has generated a lot of commentary on the subject of killing people. Some think killing people is appropriate in certain circumstances, like war and the death penalty. Others think killing is never appropriate. Both sides bolster their arguments with clippings […]

Global warming: the high cost of doing nothing

Slabs of ice cave off arctic glaciers and plunge into the ocean. Glaciers disappear from Switzerland to Montana. Record high average temperatures and more severe storms everywhere. These are but a few illustrations of the reality of global warming. Whether the earth’s climate is changing is no longer seriously debated. Scientific skeptics now largely agree […]