Darfur is a place the United States should be

“We are NOT the policeman of the world!” The majority of Americans—right and left—want our government to focus on problems at home. And, to be sure, there are plenty of problems, such as increasing access to health care and affordable housing, improving education and reducing poverty. “Take care of our own and stop interfering in […]

The carnage in…

I am deeply saddened by the events at Virginia Tech. Working at a college campus, it is hard to imagine experiencing such a thing. Just this week I was in discussions with university staff on how to deal with a student who has obvious mental issues. More than once I have been the one signing […]

Earth Day 2007: time for personal action

In the depths of World War II Americans looked over the precipice of defeat. Nazi Germany swept through Europe and the heart of Russia in a swath of death and destruction. Fascist Japan plundered its way through China, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Amidst the pillaging, America was attacked at Pearl Harbor. Facing a […]

Fresno County cows and environmental care

How can milk, and lots of it, lead to the greatest health threat Fresno County has ever known? Lo and behold, milk comes from cows. And although we owe cows many thanks for quenching our thirst with this calcium-rich drink, these dairy-abiding creatures also come with less scrumptious waste products. Yes, unfortunately, even happy California […]

Technology gaps in the classroom

Universities are supposed to be places where the young come to learn from the old, where students seek the knowledge of the masters. It has always been this way. Yet there is one area where things are now upside-down, where the young outpace their elders: technology. Over the past decade or two the young have […]

Students only cheat themselves when they don’t read

A recent feature in a college newspaper was illuminating, disappointing, but ultimately not surprising. It contained photos of students who were asked if they read their textbooks. The typical response was either “no, I don’t” or, “I read only what is fun.” My immediate response was, “I hope that I never need you as a […]

Mid-Lent pep-talk: “a filling fast”

I really wanted pizza for dinner. I wasn’t just thinking about it as a possibility; I could actually smell it and taste it. I went with a friend to pick up a few pizzas for class and seriously considered getting a small one for myself to take home for dinner. It would make a lot […]

Cleaner air . . . it can happen!

Living in California, especially the Central Valley, means you think about air. When you can see the air you breathe, this is not a good thing. While the Bush Administration used regulatory changes to weaken the Clean Air Act, California’s legislators acted to reduce emissions by 25 percent by 2020 and California’s Attorney General filed […]

Education as social capital: it takes a community

A quality education is on everyone’s list of desired social capital. Since the inception of public education in this nation, the debate on what and how to teach our youth has continued unabated. Because a free education is the cornerstone of a democratic society and because an educated citizenry is a critical ingredient in the […]