Can Christians support Buddhist monks?

Cultures are colliding at an unparalleled rate. As the globe continues to shrink via media, Internet and other communications, there is increased awareness of similarities and differences between groups of people. This new understanding can lead to fresh questions, particularly with regard to theology. As a follower of Christ I have witnessed the recent atrocities […]

Why doesn’t my child like to read?

You did everything to help your child develop a love of reading. You purchased manuals. You began reading to your baby the day you came home from the hospital. Your child teethed on plastic versions of The Runaway Bunny and Brown Bear. You were determined to have a child who loved to read! What happened? […]

The truth about Harry Potter: the message is biblical

Since the first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, Christian parents have been deeply concerned about their children enjoying stories of witches and wizards. But the final scenes of the last installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, demonstrate the many biblical principles that these books contain. The series […]

Many worked to give us a Labor Day holiday

Above my desk at work I have a historic photo of a sign that reads, “If you don’t come to work on Sunday, don’t come to work Monday.” People often stop to puzzle over it; its meaning is not immediately apparent in our twenty-first century work atmosphere. It is part of the nearly unknown history […]

Protecting our children needs to start early

Early each morning, before the school bell rings, thousands of children release large amounts of kinetic energy on playgrounds across the Central Valley. Students stream through the gates to run, jump and fly around in groups of two, three and four. The air is filled with laughter and shrieking. Yet, off to the side, just […]

Civility must triumph over cynicism

When I think about the future of the San Joaquin Valley, the list of things I worry about does not start with declining test scores in our schools or the challenges confronting the districts facing program improvement. Nor does it begin with the quality of the air we breathe, the availability of water for our […]

What should schools be about?

Schools are caught up in the drive for higher test scores. The federal and state governments are threatening lose of funds or take over to push for changes. In response, elementary schools in Fresno Unified School District are moving toward using the same materials, in the same way, on the same day, and high schools […]

Idol has done its part—let’s all take it from here

I have loved and faithfully watched American Idol since the first summer season. I vividly remember the moment I heard Kelly Clarkson sing and found myself pausing in the middle of mindless channel surfing, arrested by such genuine talent in such an unlikely place. That was five years ago, before anyone knew the show would […]